I'm having repeating problems connecting to SqueezeNetwork with my
SB3. That's unfortunate since then you cannot listen even to Internet
radio stations even if your connection to them is excellent. You'll
get interrupted - and even after SqueezeNetwork connectivity is
re-established, you're required to press the "play" button to resume.

With poor connection, responses to the remote get increasingly slow.
That means you select a station from your favorites, press "right" to
play it. Nothing happens. Not being sure, you press "right" again,
and --- whoops, the entry is entirely gone. Pressing "right" two
times means removal from your favorites list and that's what it did.
It's really unfortunate that there's no "OK" button at all.

I finally gave up on keeping my favorites list in order, I just call
the web interface and re-paste deleted stations to the end from a list
which I'm keeping separate.

The last 24 hours, I finally couldn't get connected to SqueezeNetwork
at all. I don't usually suffer from a poor Internet connection, and
had no problems with it or the WLAN from other network devices.

So I eventually decided to trace the problems. My plan was to use my
Linux box as a gateway and name server (there's a caching-only server
running on it) by entering static addresses into the SB3 and to catch
the traffic using tcpdump after that.

I didn't succeed. During the first trials, it didn't even allow me to
finish entering the new setup. I always got interrupted by an error
message stating it didn't succeed to connect to SqueezeNetwork. I
somehow did get past this, but it definitely shouldn't try to connect
to anything before the parameters for that are set.

Now, to the current state. In the following tcpdump listing, "sb3"
means my Sqeezebox3 and "tazzelwurm.hczim.de" my Linux box (the
gateway and name server). Since there's more traffic on the LAN which
I can't interrupt I'm only catching what's going into and out of

| tcpdump -i eth0 host sb3
| tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
| listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 999 bytes

Now, I switch the SB3 on and immediately enter setup.

I go through the setup, checking IP ( ("sb3")), mask
(, gateway ( ("tazzelwurm.hczim.de")), and
name server ( After that, I select "Connect to
SqueezeNetwork". That's what I see:

| 18:07:53.418684 IP sb3.3483 > UDP, length 18
| 18:07:56.418703 IP sb3.3483 > UDP, length 18

It's broadcasting using a slim-private port number. Not sure what
it's good for since it hasn't been told to do anything on the local
network, but it probably won't hurt.

| 18:07:59.704647 arp who-has tazzelwurm.hczim.de (Broadcast) tell sb3
| 18:07:59.704660 arp reply tazzelwurm.hczim.de is-at 00:11:2f:61:62:b9 (oui Unknown)
| 18:07:59.716787 IP sb3.4097 > tazzelwurm.hczim.de.domain: 1+% A? service.us.squeezenetwork.com. (47)


| 18:07:59.716819 IP tazzelwurm.hczim.de > sb3: ICMP tazzelwurm.hczim.de udp port domain unreachable, length 83

That's my fault - the Linux' firewall is blocking the SB3. But now
comes the funny part. What's that:

| 18:08:04.704611 IP sb3.4098 > www-proxy.M1.srv.t-online.de.domain: 1+% A? service.us.squeezenetwork.com. (47)

It's asking my provider's name server. It shouldn't know anything
about any other name server, and it has been told not to contact
anything but my Linux box. Either that's a leftover from an earlier
connection setup or it's because it got that address from the my DHCP
server despite having been told not to use one. (There's a router in
between my Linux box and the DHCP server so I wouldn't see the

| 18:08:09.704728 IP sb3.20053 > www.squeezenetwork.com.3483: S 1701889816:1701889816(0) win 4096 <mss 1460>
| 18:08:12.704603 IP sb3.20053 > www.squeezenetwork.com.3483: S 1701889816:1701889816(0) win 3000 <mss 1460>

It's even got the SqueezeNetwork address from somewhere outside
(probably from my provider's name server).

So the SB3 doesn't direct its traffic to where it's been told during
the setup. That means I can't trace it. And despite reaching my
provider's name server, it doesn't connect to SqueezeNetwork (been
there before). I'm stuck.

Any idea?