Sorry in advance if this is a repeat. I received a
weird "out of office reply" after my initial send, so
here it goes again:-)

With the new server 5.0.1 release, I seem to have a
synch issue. I play from the Slimp3 in my living room.
I then go to the bedroom and, via the remote, go to
Settings:synchronize and right arrow. Nothing happens.
After a bit the correct song appears on the display,
but it is stopped (it also stops my living room
player). I Play from the living room player and sound
happens. Still nothing in the bedroom. From the web
interface I go to the bedroom player settings, select
synch with living room player, and all is well. Sound
and everything. It just doesnĺt work via the remote.
Any suggestions?

Server 5.0.1
firmware 2.2
G4 AGP/SP Powerlogix 1GHz CPU
512 MB RAM
OS X 10.2.8.


P.S. Are the Seueezeboxes shipping?

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