I posted this bug: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3913
earlier today, and Chris suggested that I post here to see if anyone
else can offer input.

The basic problem I've been having with the latest trunk versions of
the last several weeks is that intermittently one or more songs in an
album or playlist will be skipped. Each time this happens, I can see
in a --d_source log something like this:

2006-08-11 10:45:10.0295 Using command for conversion:
"/opt/slimserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac" -dcs --force-raw-format
--endian=little --sign=signed --skip=0 --until=-0 --
"/mnt/audio/flacs/A-M/The Dead Texan/The Dead Texan/09-The Dead Texan
- La Ballade d'Alain Georges.flac" & |
2006-08-11 10:45:10.0618 openSong: Streaming with format: wav
2006-08-11 10:45:10.1712 readlen undef: (No child processes)10
2006-08-11 10:45:10.1727 end of file or error on socket, opening next
song, (song pos: 0(tell says: . ), totalbytes: 0)
2006-08-11 10:45:10.1735 opening next song...

This is with an SB1 on an Ubuntu Linux server. As you can see, I'm
converting to FLAC to wav for playback.

If anyone has either seen this issue or has any clue what might be the
problem, please let me know, since it's causing me a lot of problems.
The bugzilla report will show what troubleshooting I've done so far.