The SlimServer (aka 5.0.1) saves the preferences
in a new file (slimserver.pref). So I guess the
setting for the display brightness needs to be
adjusted. You can set the brightness in both
modes: turned on and turned off. To have the
display dark in 'off' mode, use the power button
until you see the date and clock, then use the
brightness button to make the display dark.

Hope that helps

--- Magbert <magbert (AT) pingnet (DOT) ch> wrote:
> I updated from Slimp3 Server 4.2.6 to 5.01 today.
> Everything seems to
> work fine except that the Slimp3 can't be turned off
> completely anymore.
> When I press the power button time and date is
> displayed. When I press
> the power button again the display goes black for
> about 2 seconds, then
> the player is turned on again automatically.
> With 4.2.6 the display stayed black until i pressed
> the power button
> again.
> I find this quite disturbing because my Slimp3 is
> located in my bedroom.
> BTW.: I am using the old, classic Slimp3 device.
> >