Good to see a dedicated sub-forum covering NAS devices and Qnap in particular. This presumably means that the infamous "Qnap TS-101 Update" thread can now be allowed to drift into history. However, I feel that there are one or two outstanding issues that were raised there and are worth persevering with. Examples include:

1. consciouspnm and Norman5007 made very good suggestions ( regarding the structure of the TS-101 updates page. I really do agree that it needs presenting more clearly, particularly the business of what file extensions apply for which updates. It's not fair to expect people to trawl through the monster thread to work it all out. How about it, Paul?

2. The standby issue hasn't been bottomed out. Ok, so most of us seem to have got the thing to go into standby, but noone seems to know exactly what it is that stops it happening in the first place. Not an ideal state of affairs.

There may be others, but I can't face looking through any more of that thread!

Oh, and how about that test match special plugin?!