Hi there. After many trials and tribulations, I finally have my ReadyNAS NV serving up music to my two Squeezeboxes. The frustrating thing is trying to get my dynamic iTunes playlists recognized. I know I could run SlimServer off my Mac and just use the NAS as a storage device, but I would like to shut that computer down when I'm not actually using it.

There's a field in the SlimServer software to point to the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file, but I haven't gotten it to recognize it as a valid file or path. What am I doing wrong? Since that file is on a computer on the network rather than the NAS, do I need a file path starting with SMB? What should the path look like? On the computer, the path is PowerMac/Users/jtgayton/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml.

Is there another way to go? I tried putting the library file on the NAS and using both symbolic links and aliases to point it back to the computer, but that seemed to cause iTunes some difficulties. Any ideas there?

As a last resort, I could try to make new dynamic playlists with some of the plugins, but I don't know which ones are compatible with SlimServer running on the NAS.