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Thread: Power supply

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    Power supply

    Hi Guys:
    This will be my first post on the Slim Devices forum so please bear with me if you don't understand what I'm trying to tell you.
    I have been reading many posts on audiocircle about linear power supplies for the SB3's and the earlier models. Everybody seems to think that is the way to go. I am not going to spend big bucks on a power supply! Call me cheap or whatever you want but that's the way I am. Big bucks doesn't mean better performance. I had read about the Elpac power supply for the SB3 and it being less than $50 I thought I'd give it a shot. The first one I got was apparantly defective. It worked okay for a week or so and then went bonkers.Back to the stock p.s. and no problems. Wayne of the bolder cable co. sent me email asking if I Would sell it to him. Okay with me. When he got it and checked it out he found a crack or something. Repaired it and did mods to it and was very satisfied with the results. So I bought another Elpac p.s. I listened to it for two weeks and I really couldn't hear a significant difference between it and the stock p.s. Knowing that Wayne of Bolder cable co. has a very good reputation on audiocircle I sent him my new Elpac for mods the other day. In the mean time my very good friend and computer nerd rashiki lent me his own designed p.s. while he is on vacation. He'll be back July 5th. I'm not giving it back to him!!! His power supply has taken my SB3 to a whole new level of performance. Damn near jaw dropping!!! The darn thing is a killer!! I just can't say enough how much more it has made my SB3 perform. Congrats to rashiki! He has a winner on his hands!

    Cheers to all my fellow Sb3 owners.

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    Yeah, it's been known for some time.

    However it's a bit contentious - that thread ended up self-destructing.

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