Streaming Internet Radio problems seem to be handled for me on my G4 with my
Slimp3's. Noticed no problems so far. Keep up the good work

on 11/23/03 11:49 AM, dean blackketter at dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com wrote:

> Thanks for all the feedback on our 5.0 release. The latest nightly
> pre-release version is available here:
> We've fixed a number bugs, including ones involving Internet radio, the
> web interface, Windows installer and more.
> This is a candidate for our 5.0.1 release, so if you have time, we'd
> love it if you downloaded, installed and and let us know of any
> significant problems before we post it tomorrow.

Steve Frawley <Steve (AT) Frawleys (DOT) com> From the G4