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    SB3 Power Requirements


    Can someone please post the exact power requirements for the SB3 please or confirm that the ones on the front page are correct?

    Reason is I've asked someone to give me a quote for a linear psu build and he seemed rather shocked by the requirements that I copy and pasted from the front page. He seemed to think that was rather a lot for a digital device.

    Fwiw this is what I've quoted him from the front page :-


    Power input

    5.0V DC, regulated
    Center positive, sleeve ground
    Connector: 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, 11mm long
    Min supply rating: 1000mA

    Power supply

    Switching power supply included
    Input voltage range and plug style specific to shipping destination
    Power supplies are small, efficient, and do not get hot
    One of four styles is included depending on country "

    Is that correct?


    PS please keep the replies simple!

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    Hand him the stock supply and say 'same or better'! The power rating of the stock supply is clearly labelled and regardless of the 'minimum' requirements listed in the SB3 manual it is the one Slimdevices have chosen to supply for the UK - 5volts, 2amp I seem to recall. Further details in the "Best Mod" thread.

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    Here is a link to a thread where the actual current draw of a SB2 wired and a SB3 wireless was measured.


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    The specs on the web site are correct, as are mgalusha's measurements. The maximal CPU and network usage scenario might draw about 100ma more, which would be:

    - full brightness
    - playing MP3
    - full-screen spectrum analyzer
    - bridging active and running at max throughput from wired->wireless

    If using a linear supply I would suggest no less than a 2A rating, just to ensure you have plenty of heat dissipation. Supplies rated for only 1A will work, but will get annoyingly hot when running at full load.

    I don't know why one would be surprised by the ~5W max draw. This is not much for powering a VFD, a 250MHz processor, and a wireless interface!

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