What speed response should I get from a TS-101 400Gb controlled from browser/Squeezebox 3?

I accept I have a large collection and am even willing to cull a lot of music to get a faster response but I would like to know what level this hardware/software set up should provide.

Currently searches are taking over five minutes and I've just clicked on Home to confirm the number of songs I have and it is taking over five minutes too.

Your music library contains 1943 albums with 30182 songs by 5416 artists.

Any tips or thoughts?

Thanks for your time


Setup Details:

TS 101 Current firmware version: 1.1.0 Build 0329
Router: DSL 604-T Firmware Version : V2.00B02.AU
Squeezebox 3: SlimServer Version: 6.2.2 - 7135 - Debian - EN - iso-8859-1