My guess is that Slim Devices is passing on the automotive market
unless they can beat the existing price points, and make it idiot proof
and rugged enough to hold down on warranty claims. Kaching! Somebody
already mentioned the discontinued Empeg car player, sold by Sonic Blue
as the Rio Car. Originally US$900, you can find them on eBay for around
$400. The Neo35 Car MP3 is $500, with a removable IDE drive. Mptronix
has the trunk mount MuzicVault for $500 - 600, which uses a PDA as a

If you were moderately DIY, the BayCom OSCAR-MP3 kit could be packaged
as a CD or hard disc only unit in a DIN in-dash form factor, or CD and
HD for a "double DIN" slot like Miatas, Chevy's, etc. The main trick is
finding space on the bezel for an LCD.

Carl Holmberg
redirect2 (AT) mauiholm (DOT) org
Kihei, HI, USA