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    Library and Sleeve Design Dilema... to heirarchy or not to heirarchy..

    Hi folks
    I have a reasonably large library of tracks...about 5000.. some ogg (encoded from a main library of flac files) and some mp3. Up to now I havent bothered sorting them in any Hierarchy directory structure (artist/title/track) other than one for mp3/.. and one ogg/.. as both my Rio Karma and Slim Server work with tags so there seemed little point and all my tracks are perfectly ID3 tagged

    However, I am interested using the browse by artwork feature. I have created a directory called artwork, and by saving the jpeg files as <album.jpg> I can get them to show on the album details when I play an album. However they dont show in Browse by Artwork.

    I then tried to organise my library into heirarcy folders. This fixed the problem with browse by artwork HOWEVER it does fowl up other libaray feature,,, most noticably with compilations. When I had all my files in a single folder I could select a compilation album, and it would play as you would expect.

    Now, since Ive moved to folders, any given complation is listed in the library however many times there are differnt artists on that comp.. so for instance, at the begining of my library when you browse by album you will find 24 hour party people listed 12 times, with only one track per listing !.

    I know I could just change the artist name to "Various" and put the artist and title in the "track" field, but I like the fact that when I select "duritti column" I see not only the studio albums, but any relevant comps...

    Is there any way to either
    Get the Browse by artwork feature to work when your sound files are all in one (or two) directories


    To get comps to be handled correctly when sorting in folders.


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    ignore this.... see my new thread....

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