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>Charles Bouldin wrote:
>>Well, you probably know this, and it isn't in-dash, but here is how
>>I use my iPod in the car. Basically, you get a cable that connects
>>to the CD-changer outlet. Not a universal solution, but far, far
>>better than the FM transmitters and cassette adapters.

>Yup... but of course, an iPod is not something with an interface
>meant to be used in a car, even with the remote. You can't see what's
>playing unless you hold it in your hand (and with the light on)....
>it's a nice workaround, and I use my iPod in the car on any long
>drive I take, but it's just not the same as a product built
>specifically for my car.

Yah, the main advantage is that I already have one and it is a cheap
way to add the mp3 capability to the car. I have a Honda Pilot and
use the center console compartment to keep the iPod, and I bless the
Honda engineers who put a power-outlet in the console. Once I got a
car-power adapter, I was set.

I agree, however, that squinting at the iPod requires caution! Worse
than a cell phone...Man, if there was ever a place for voice control
of a gadget, this is it.