Okay, hopefully this isn't an "RTFM" type question. If it is, please forgive me. I'm a tad bit confused on the matter of playlists.

I see where Slimserver gives you an option of using iTunes to control your playlists. What I want, however, isn't exactly this. Rather, I want to import existing playlists that have been created by iTunes into the format that Slimserver understands, i.e., the format that resembles,


The playlist format in iTunes seems to be in XML format.

Question: if I _were_ to click the box that gives control of playlists to iTunes, wouldn't that mean I'd have to use iTunes on my client systems to play a playlist? This wouldn't work on a linux-based system since iTunes hasn't been port to linux. Or, perhaps I'm misinterpreting this.

Thanks in advance for any light y'all can shed on this.