> The i2c, at the very least, seems to be accessible via $player->i2c()
> (Slim::Player::Squeezebox::i2c), but I haven't seen a pinout anywhere.
> No mention of the rs232 in the code, so I'll bet that it'll require a
> firmware upgrade.

Currently the following signals are working on the geek connector:

Power (gnd, 5v, 3.3v, 2.5v)

Infrared ("wired-OR" with the internal IR receiver, 1.5K pull-up - you
can tap the signal or inject your own)

i2c (write only, read commands will be added soon)

link and activity signals for ethernet interface

s/pdif output (0-3.3V low impedance - drive a CMOS input directly)

"enable" signal which could drive a relay for external amp power-on

analog audio inputs - can't stream up to the server, but you can mix
them in to the output.

pinouts and more information is forthcoming.

A few ideas for geek connector projects:

- keypad
- external amp power-on
- IR blaster
- AM/FM tuner module

> Speaking of firmware, does anyone know if the source for Squeezebox's
> firmware is (or will be) available?

There are some license issues to work out, due to third-party OS code.
We do intend to make firmware source available, but not immediately.

Accessing geek connector features will not generally require any
firmware hacking, it'll be accessible and configurable from the server.