--- Loren Cox <lcox (AT) lucasarts (DOT) com> wrote:
> > I'm not sure what the future holds for Slim Devices, but if they could

> apply
> > their engineering talent to a car audio product I'm sure I'd be first in

> line
> > to buy one.

> Sounds like you're looking for an empeg/Rio Car (www.riocar.org). They aren't
> in production but can be found on ebay or on the empeg forums:
> http://empeg.comms.net. The community is unbelievable...

I did investigate the empeg. It's a nice player but it is missing a must-have
feature for me - wireless sync with the home music drive (this could certainly
be hacked in but I'm not sure I'm up to it). I also don't like
buying into a discontinued product, however nifty it might be.

I have seen new car players with wireless synchronization features, but they
all require proprietary Windows software to operate. Not ideal!


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