50 feet is an awfully long line-level cable. It *may* work, but you might be best to get the opinion of a professional for that (someone you can actually hold responsible).

As Brad says, Cat5 is a non-starter. It's designed for very specific signal types (100MHz baseband signals), with clever logic applied at both ends to make sure that interference on the line is cancelled out. The only way I can see you getting a useful signal down this is if you actually re-digitised the signal, and fired it down an ethernet connection, and then back to analogue RCA at the end - total waste of time and effort.

The 2nd unit's a clever idea, but quite pricey. Much as I love my slimp3, I still think they're awfully expensive (so call me a heathen - go on!).

My opinion would be to use an infra-red-remote extender. Something that'll take the IR signal for the slim, repeat it via a wire or radio signal, and then relay it via IR at the amp. Then wire your slim straight into the amp with a short RCA cable, and use the speaker cables you've run for the return leg. This has the obvious problem that you can't see what's on the screen, but you could set up your playlists first before going to the other room to play.

Not a brilliant idea, I know; but not a bad one either


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The second player’s an interesting idea. I wonder if the Slim folks have considered a cheap slave device with no display or IR that can be used for these kinds of application. As the Squeezebox inevitably gets more sophisticated, this could take care of the low-end nicely.


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I think you can get away with running a 50ft. RCA cable... might get a very small amount of signal loss, but not too bad.

Never have tried using 2 pairs of the CAT 5 as audio, but I can predict a couple issues:

- wire gauge is much higher than normal line level cable, so audio quality will suffer

- By removing 1/2 the wires in your CAT 5 bundle, you'll probably render the CAT 5 cable useless... especially for future uses you might have.

Another option (which I have done) is to buy a 2nd Slim player and put it right next to your amp. Synch it to your Slim upstairs, and you basically have long-distance command over the 2nd unit.


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Hi All,

I have a slimp3 upstairs, but all my A/V and extra amps are downstairs in the HT closet. I want to keep the slimp3 and a pair of speakers upstairs, but use my AV and extra channels of my amp to power it (two Bryston 5B-ST and Anthem AVM20). I’ve run 12 guage speaker wire to the speakers from the HT closet, but pulled a Homer (“Doh?) and forgot about connecting the line level outputs of the slimp3 to my AV remotely.

Question is, can I use cat5 cable and run the RCA connectors to two pairs on the cat5 to get them to my AV equipment (around 50 ft away)? Would this work? Anyone done something like this and what are concerns and possible audio quality loss?

If you have another way of doing this, let me know. (obviously other than using powered speakers or mono amps upstairs. I’m trying to use up two of the three extra channels of my 9B).


Farid Shenassa