Long runs at line level are I think regarded as OK - better than long
speaker wires, in fact. With the Squeezebox, it'd be best to run a digital
connection if you could, but as you are I'd run shielded cable from the RCA
outputs OR take the geek route and move the slimp3 downstairs and use a
laptop or something upstairs to drive the player remotely.



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Subject: [slim] Connecting Slimp3 to remote amps/receiver using Cat5?

Hi All,

I have a slimp3 upstairs, but all my A/V and extra amps are downstairs in
the HT closet. I want to keep the slimp3 and a pair of speakers upstairs,
but use my AV and extra channels of my amp to power it (two Bryston 5B-ST
and Anthem AVM20). I've run 12 guage speaker wire to the speakers from
the HT closet, but pulled a Homer ("Doh") and forgot about connecting the
line level outputs of the slimp3 to my AV remotely.

Question is, can I use cat5 cable and run the RCA connectors to two pairs on
the cat5 to get them to my AV equipment (around 50 ft away)? Would this
work? Anyone done something like this and what are concerns and possible
audio quality loss?

If you have another way of doing this, let me know. (obviously other than
using powered speakers or mono amps upstairs. I'm trying to use up two of
the three extra channels of my 9B).


Farid Shenassa