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    the Wiki has a list of tested routers with any problems or limitations associated.


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    By any chance is the original poster running a firmware version between 29 and 41? Some changes were made to the firmware to solve this exact issue (the so-called 'stuttering' problem).
    Christopher Owens
    QA Manager

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    i'm running slimserver 6.2.1. Busy at work this week and don't have a chance to check the firmware version right now, but I downloaded it 3 months ago. Should be up to date.

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    Download the 6.2.2 version and install. This will also upgrade the player firmware when starting the server for the first time. Many wireless issues have been resolved since 6.2.1. There is no point in investigating your problem any further before your installation has been upgraded.


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    Emm, i bet that with the last release (6.2.2) or the 6.5b1 everything will work perfectly
    I suffered for 2 months for the same issue, but now everything is perfect and i can run the latest 6.5 nighty release without any problem, just trust Slim Devices, they know what they're doing
    Btw, if for some strange reason it doesn't work correctly, try to download a release with FW28, i'm sure it will work until a new firmware will appear

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    Start conservative and go with 6.2.2 (which is now the release version) off the standard download page.

    6.5 is a pre-release developers beta release, not good for people who aren't developers unless specifically recommended by a developer to solve a particular problem.

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    I've just installed a 100ft CAT6 network cable hardwired from my router to SB3 and, of course, it works perfectly. No more depending on wireless technology to broadcast my music. Can't tell you how much I appreciate all the good advice and support this forum (and this thread) provides. Thanks to all.


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    Of course I still don't understand why, when my internet connection goes down, I can't bring slimserver up on my computer. I try to launch it but it uses internet explorer as its interface and it seems to depend on a live internet connection to work. I guess I don't understand something basic here, but I thought slimserver software was installed locally on my PC and just used IE as its front-end. Does it need an internet connection? I thought I should be able to access slimserver and play music on my sb3 without an internet connection.


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    You should be able to get to the control page just fine without 'net access. IE itself must be doing something on startup. Do you have something odd installed in IE (some plugins like to phone home: the google toolbar, for example, if it has 'show pagerank' turned on, will want to connect to google with every page load to look up the page rank).

    That or you have spyware installed and IE is loading that.

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    In server settings/behaviour - there is a check box for slimserver to check www.slimdevices.com every day for software updates

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