Ooh, very interesting. I'll use my Squeezebox this Christmas, but
I'll be picking it up at HQ when it's ready. I would love to
interface with IR through the geek connector though.

I have a Philips Pronto 2000 Remote (http://www.pronto.philips.com/)
that I'll be using with the Squeezebox in my system
(http://www.schalliol.com/property/electronics/ht/). As part of that
system I have a Xantech
291-KIT(http://www.xantech.com/products/p_folder/p_291kit.htm), that
receives IR signals and distributes them to the devices. From that
kit, I have 4 minijack mono outs that I can split to accommodate a
number of IR sensors. So I'll have a minijack cable that goes
into....what? Does anyone have an idea how I would connect to the
Squeezebox via this port for IR? Once I have the electrical signal,
it seems like I just need to activate the right connection for
receiving and "bingo". I don't have one to play with so I can't say,
but does anyone have thoughts on this?


>Quoting Chris Hirsch <chris (AT) base2technology (DOT) com>:
>> Just saw this on /. today....I'm psyched...going to order me one
>> tomorrow heheh.
>> Has anybody interfaced with the Geek Connector? Specfically I want to
>> mount this inside the wall similar to what was shown in the 3rd party
>> projects. The only thing that seems to be missing is a touch-screen type
>> input..say for when you walk into a room and want to turn the stereo
>> on...by touching a button on the slimp3/squeezebox. Will the Geek
>> Connector let me connect several buttons so that I can interface with
>> the squeezebox and possibly any home automation sitting on the backend
> > ala MisterHouse?

>According to the FAQ, the geek connector supports i2c, rs232, replicated IR
>signals, Audio IO and some general purpose IO. It also mentions
>that this will
>be supported in a future firmware release, so I'd be surprised if
>anyone outside
>of Sean has managed to try it out yet