On Nov 18, 2003, at 8:12 AM, dean blackketter wrote:

> On Nov 18, 2003, at 7:40 AM, Mike Riccio wrote:
>> First, I had to remove my entire /Library/SlimDevices directory,
>> because you renamed all of your PERL packages and made all the
>> plugins non-functional. That's pretty harsh to this user-supported
>> community - all of the developers/contributors will have to release
>> new versions of their plugins, skins, etc.

> When we moved to 5.0 we did some significant restructuring of the
> code, which did break the plug-ins. (Plug-in authors: There's a
> script called whack.pl that automates the bulk of the conversion of
> plug-ins to the new server.)
> I'm not sure why you had to remove that directory, the old plug-ins
> don't work, but shouldn't affect anybody else.

Well, I don't remember what the exact error was, but I do know that the
server would die within seconds of starting until I renamed the
/Library/SlimDevices directory. I've since run whack.pl and skinjob.pl
(thanks for the pointers) to convert all of my plugins and skins, and
now it works fine with my /Library/SlimDevices directory back in place.

>> Second, when accessing the server via Safari, images usually do not
>> load.

> I haven't seen this. Does this happen if you quit and relaunch
> Safari? Also, what version of Safari are you using?

I'm using Safari version 1.1. I'm not sure what was going on, but I
think my Mac is having some problems resolving localhost for some
reason (no idea why Safari has problems but nslookup doesn't...) I
switched to using my real hostname, and it works fine. It also works
fine when accessed from another Mac running Safari 1.1 as well. Sorry
for the false alarm there.

So, everything is happy now. Thanks!