Answered my own question. All assumptions were correct. At least, it
works on my Win2K server.


From: Tim Long
Sent: Tuesday 18 November 2003 16:34
To: SLIMP3 Discussion
Subject: [slim] Convert.conf

Been looking at the new transcoding features, great work
everyone. Clearly, you have been listening to your users.

The format of the convert.conf file _almost_ makes sense, but I
need one clarification...

Am I correct in thinking that items between the $ signs, like
$lame$ are environment variables? As a Windows user, I'm used to seeing
them between % signs, %lame% etc. I assume the variable is meant to
contain the full path of the encoder executable, right?

If i just define the appropriate environment variable in
Windows, can I assume that the perl platform will 'just know what I
mean' and take care of the $/% thing?

Tim Long

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