I am having a problem streaming any internet radio streams (radioio, radioparadise.com, etc) thru either softsqueeze (v2.3 with java v5 and java mp3 layer) or thru localhost:9000/stream.mp3.

I can stream flac music from my harddrive no problem however.

I have 2 players setup - 1 for remote internet streaming and 1 for softsqueeze.

For both of them, in player settings/audio, I have them set to lame quality 9, bitrate limiting 64k.

Again, no problem to stream harddrive material and it streams at 64k as it should.

When I try and stream an internet radio site, the bitrate goes to 320k automatically and all I get is whitenoise/static.

edit: I am using slimserver v.6.2.2 - 5333 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

Any thoughts.