>I sure do wish there was a way to (legally) make these puppies work with
>iTunes, I'd be all over buying a Squeezebox, and I'd have a reason to
>use my SliMP3s again... My collection is 90% AAC (which I know can be
>played), about 50% of which is protected content from iTMS. Has anyone
>tried hitting up Apple to see what their policy on partnerships is?

I'm hoping they have contacted Apple about this,
they're nearby too. I would not be surprised at
all if Apple came out with their own Squeezebox
device, but if they did it would have to be more
innovative than anything on the market (i.e.
iPod) and could mean disaster for Slim, so I hope
they are chatting with them.

I probably was one of the first to order a
Squeezebox, as I did it within the hour of
posting. I had planned to get a Slimp3, but this
is better for me for sure. At any rate, I really
would want iTMS support as well. I just assumed
that since they did AAC->MP3 on the fly that this
would work too, and it doesn't seem that this
would be terribly more difficult to do than with
the standard AACs, but I'm not that technically
proficient to write anything, so I can't say for
sure. I would like to put my 2ó in that this
seems to be the #1 feature request for me. With
Apple giving out a hundred million songs through
Pepsi this Spring and potentially hundreds more
at McDonald's, iTMS will be getting bigger and
people might find they need something like this
for the first time, if Squeezebox supported this,
they'd stand a good chance of getting some
business there.