In the current playlist, play track icons are wrapping over to the next line, thus they can overlap the delete track icon for the next track if the track format string fits on one line.

Also, after updating to this SVN revision, I then tried to click on a track name in the current playlist, but nothing happened. The log reported the following:

2006-04-07 23:21:25.7087 ERROR: openSong: [] Unrecognized type unk!

2006-04-07 23:21:25.7270 ERROR: openSong: [] Unrecognized type unk!

2006-04-07 23:21:25.7274 ERROR: playmode: Couldn't gotoNext song on playlist, stopping

After clearing the current playlist and selecting new music, clicking on a track brought up the song info, but unless the window is stretched wide, I see all text in one column rather than tabulated.