> Can the wireless network interface be completely disabled?

Yes, when using the built-in ethernet interface, the wireless card is

> The DAC is spec'd at 20 bits, what is the data width of the external
> digital
> audio stream?

For MP3, it's 20bits to both the DAC and the S/PDIF outputs (20 bits is
the maximum for S/PDIF). PCM streaming is supported at 16 bits right
now, but software support for 20bit PCM will be added.

> Has the problem with clicks between tracks been resolved?

There was a bad bug in older versions of lame which would leave a
corrupted frame at the end of the mp3 file, and this was the most
prevalent cause of the click, to my knowledge. In 5.0 we've added
detection for this corrupted frame so there should be no click. This is
applies to both SLIMP3 and squeezebox.

> It WAV file support native in the remote player or is it translated
> on-the-fly
> in the server?

Yes, it's a raw PCM all the way through. The player doesn't actually
know about AIFF and WAV headers. The server sends the data, and tells
the player what sample rate, word size, and byte order to use.