I have noticed this a few times and was wondering if it has been documented and if there is an easy fix. Here goes:
While browsing my albumns (I'm on 6.2.1) I being to make some playlists. Then I go to save the playlists and BOOM for some reason a few (not all) of the songs on my playlist get there titles changed. For instance, I have a Cocteau Twins albumn (my wifes) and I was adding a few of there songs to a playlist. When I saved the playlist it changed 3 songs (I was adding 5 to the playlist)
Bluebeard from Four Calendar Cafe by Cocteau Twins
Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard from Four Calendar Cafe by Cocteau Twins

(please excuse any typos, basically what is changing is it adds the Artists and a hyphen before the title of the songs and then thinks that is the title of the song)
and the other 2 songs the same change. This has happened 3 times in the past few weeks and seems very random. Also, I can't get that to go away without, get this, deleteing the albumn and re ripping the CD. I have tried editing the tags, rescanning, etc. and havne't found an easier way yet. Any help in either eliminating this bug or at least an easier way to reset it to the correct display would be much appreciated!