Yes - you need the PC on to do all the streaming to the SliMP3 / Squeezebox.
If you just want the Snap and MP3 player on, you'd need to look at something like the Audiotron from Turtle Beach, or perhaps the Kiss Technologies DP500 (or whatever they're shipping now).

I've heard bad things about the MP3 playback quality of the Kiss, though, and the Audiotron is not as nice as the Slimp/Squeeze. You could build a low-power PC to deal with the streaming - a mini-itx box would do great, and you could get it to boot diskless from the Snap if you were clever about it, but that adds a significant cost.


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I am looking to use a Squeezebox in conjunction with a SnapServer.

My question is:
Do I have to have a PC on running the server software when I want to use my Squeezebox - because ideally I would only want the SnapServer and Squeeze box on.

Is this possible?

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