Try this - http://imac.local.:9000/

replace imac with the name you used for your machine. Localhost will
only work on the machine running the server software.

On Sunday, November 16, 2003, at 05:30 PM, faux french wrote:

> Someone posted that if used the URL
> <http://yourserver:9000/stream.mp3> itunes would play
> the Slimp3 stream. I tried "localhost" in place of
> "yourserver" and received a message that the server
> couldn't accept any more streams. Replacing
> "localhost" with my cpu IP address, or my network
> router's IP address were unsuccessful in playing the
> stream, although the attemps did interrupt the stream.
> Can anyone lend a hint to play the stream from within
> iTunes? (OSX 10.2.8. Slimp3 v4.2.6, firmware v2.2).