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    Les Bowman

    PowerLine Ethernet -- PLEBR10

    I use these in my home and haven't had a problem. You don't need a (windows)
    PC unless you want to change the default encryption 'password' which is
    homepower or something like that (it is recommended you do this). I just
    hooked it up to my pc changed the password and then plugged it in where in
    the house I wanted to use them. I have three of these, one for the PC room,
    one for the living room (slimp3) and one out in the garage for the rsync
    backup server.

    Thanks for the info that RS is closing them out, I may need to pick up a few

    Les Bowman
    {link removed at request of author}

    > Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 17:17:28 -0500
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    > Subject: [slim] PowerLine Ethernet -- Linksys OK?
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    > Slimp3 is great.
    > I want to use ethernet over the house power wiring to get the stream to

    > player.
    > It's clear from comments here and from the manual that the Netgear product

    > do the job. Without any configuration, plug them into the house wiring and

    > have an ethernet bridge.
    > Will the Linksys PLEBR10 Powerline EtherFast 10/100 Ethernet Bridge work?

    > not as nice a package, but RadioShack is closing them out at $50 each. My
    > concern is that they might require a PC... The NetGear manual specifically

    > "the installable software is optional." I couldn't find this in the

    > manual. I'm just worried they are leaving some of the processing to the PC

    > that it might not be a true bridge.
    > Any experiences to share?
    > -- Sally
    > --
    > Sally Shears (a.k.a. "Molly")
    > sshears (AT) theWorld (DOT) com -or- Sally (AT) Shears (DOT) org
    > http://theWorld.com/~sshears
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