You can please some of the people all of the time....
All of the people some of the time...

The point about getting the posts by email is that it puts power in the
hands of the user, where it belongs. You can use rules and/or filters to
sort, select, group and colour your email anywhichway you like. You have
no control over the web interface. I appreciate that everyone has
different tastes, but I can't help feeling that those who prefer the web
interface need to have an epiphany with their email software.


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> Sent: Wednesday 12 November 2003 23:57
> To: discuss (AT) lists (DOT)
> Subject: [slim] Sorry, but...
> ... you guys totally forgot those of use that DID NOT want to
> have to use the forums via an email client.
> There is no way, that I see, to search through the archives
> for certain key terms in the bodies of messages. Subject
> searches, yes(kinda via an IE search)... but not content.
> Hopefully there is a hack/add-on for this I don't know about
> or I overlooked something.
> Looks like it will archive into month sections... holy moly
> does that not work well. So when I am searching, I have to
> search over and over and over and over through each month
> section for one search (assuming no add-on).
> The web interface has craploads of wasted white space, though
> to be honest, this could be hacked.
> I cannot post unless I do it like now, via email...
> hopefully there is a hack/add-on for web posting.
> Honestly, I just won't use this as I find it more cumbersome
> to get craploads of email that I don't care about. I need a
> simple web interface that lets me get in and out in moments
> when looking for info...
> Sorry, but this is one legacy solution, and yes it is legacy,
> that I could care less for. Hope this is the beta version,
> and all the "good stuff" is coming soon.
> And as always... fear my case :-P
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