I've got my SliMP3 hooked up via a Netgear ME101 wireless bridge and all is working well *most* of the time.

Every now and then I get sound breakups and the display starts stuttering as it's scrolling across the screen. This can be after a few minutes or a few hours of problem free playback. Nothing is happening on the wireless network and nothing is happening on the server.

The only thing I can think of is the the wireless access point is also my brodband router. Most (not all) of the problems happen when someone else is using the Internet. I thought perhaps the router doesn't have the CPU power needed to do wireless and routing at the same time. It's an SMC Barricade 11mbps wireless router with 3 100mbps switch ports on it.

Other devices using the same wireless range are a couple of digital cordless phones. None of these are active when I get the problems. Also other wireless LAN devices are working perfectly, ie laptop and ipaq, when the slimp3 is having problems.

The other problem I have is streaming wirelessly to my ipaq. Every now and then I get a very strange "fast forward" type effect. Usually when I've stopped and restarted the stream via the player instead of the web interface. I'm using the slimple interface and GSPlayer on the ipaq.

Server is running version 4.2.6

ANy ideas?