primus sucks [mp3_madman (AT) yahoo (DOT) com] wrote:
> Uuugh, as I look at my post via the web. 30% of the
> post is on the left, 70% white space on the right.
> Probably Yahoo's fault, but it should work
> nonetheless. Sure ain't gonna use my real email
> account.
> No privacy of email addresses anymore... not that I
> care, that's why I use disposable Yahoo accounts...
> but I know others do. This is probably a feature
> though, so.. grain of salt and all.

I see no reason why an email address would need to be hidden and
don't make any attempt to conceal either my name nor any of my email
addresses, as you may have noticed from my signature. :-)

Perhaps you're just making things difficult for yourself. Simply
subscribe to the list using a real email account and see how easy
it is.

> Got a copy of my own post. Sure glad of that, it's
> only been 10 secs since I posted it, I had forgotten
> :-P Can't wait for the copy of this one...

You can switch that off (as I do), so that you don't get copies of
your own articles. There are lots of preferences to play with.

Yahoo used to send me a copy of my articles and I couldn't find a
way to switch it off. I much prefer this new setup.

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