Uuugh, as I look at my post via the web. 30% of the
post is on the left, 70% white space on the right.
Probably Yahoo's fault, but it should work
nonetheless. Sure ain't gonna use my real email

No privacy of email addresses anymore... not that I
care, that's why I use disposable Yahoo accounts...
but I know others do. This is probably a feature
though, so.. grain of salt and all.

Got a copy of my own post. Sure glad of that, it's
only been 10 secs since I posted it, I had forgotten
:-P Can't wait for the copy of this one...

--- primus sucks <mp3_madman (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
> ... you guys totally forgot those of use that DID
> want to have to use the forums via an email client.
> There is no way, that I see, to search through the
> archives for certain key terms in the bodies of
> messages. Subject searches, yes(kinda via an IE
> search)... but not content. Hopefully there is a
> hack/add-on for this I don't know about or I
> overlooked something.
> Looks like it will archive into month sections...
> holy
> moly does that not work well. So when I am
> searching,
> I have to search over and over and over and over
> through each month section for one search (assuming
> no
> add-on).
> The web interface has craploads of wasted white
> space,
> though to be honest, this could be hacked.
> I cannot post unless I do it like now, via email...
> hopefully there is a hack/add-on for web posting.
> Honestly, I just won't use this as I find it more
> cumbersome to get craploads of email that I don't
> care
> about. I need a simple web interface that lets me
> get
> in and out in moments when looking for info...
> Sorry, but this is one legacy solution, and yes it
> is
> legacy, that I could care less for. Hope this is the
> beta version, and all the "good stuff" is coming
> soon.
> And as always... fear my case :-P
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