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    SlimServer sending data when not playing

    I have noticed that when I have slimserver running, my network connection steadily sends data at around 10kb/s even when nothing is playing on my SB3 or on any softsqueezes.

    The network connection icon in the system tray is constantly lit, and viewing its properties shows a steady 10kb/s being sent (and a little being received too).

    Also the network activity light on the router for my PC connection is permanently lit, indicating traffic is going between the router and PC.

    When I stop slimserver, the activity stops.

    Anyone got any idea what could cause this?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Sorry, think that was a stupid question - just realised I have RSS feeds streaming to the SB3, that probably explains it!

    I'll get my coat.

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    Although having said that, now I have turned the RSS feeds on screensaver option off, it is still sending something constantly. Think the rate has decreased to about 2 or 3 kb/s, but I can't understand why it would do this?

    Is this normal behaviour?

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    Yes, it's normal and by design. The squeezebox doesn't do anything (e.g. display the "when off" screensaver) without being told to do so by slimserver so there is a constant, small amount of network traffic.

    See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...stant+activity

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    Being a "slim" (i.e. thin) client, the Squeezebox has only the minimum hardware necessary to get itself started, to stream music, to accept commands to show things on the display, to receive IR remote button presses and relay them to the slimserver.

    Everything else, including updating the display on a regular basis (the "clock", for instance) are done by traffic to the slimserver and back.

    So even one squeezebox that's off takes up some network traffic.

    It's not much for a modern network. It won't hurt anything, and it keeps costs down :-)

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    Thanks for the info, it is reassuring to know this is normal...

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    Yeah, surprised me the first time it happened to me too.

    There are ways of cutting it down, if you are running like hundreds of them, but it's not worth going into for 1sies and 2sies.

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