flac is heavily optimized for decoding. Here's an hour of relatively
to encode music (noisy electronic) on my 800 Mhz Via C3:

768.03s real 636.50s user 18.95s system
264.07s real 216.46s user 18.03s system

Also, flac decoding generally uses less cpu than mpg123 decoding:
here's a sample track (mp3=alt-preset standard VBR)
8.69s real 8.05s user 0.33s system
9.74s real 9.27s user 0.07s system

So flac is really quite suitable for on the fly decoding and streaming
on modern CPUs.


--- Ron Thigpen <rthigpen (AT) nc (DOT) rr.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have an estimate of how much CPU would be consumed for
> realtime compression of one CD quality stream to FLAC? For units,
> I'm
> think of rough percentages of a standard CPU, ex: 20% of an
> AthlonXP2400. Granted, this will vary based on system config. Just
> thinking in rough terms here to get into the ballpark.

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