(Replying here to thread about raw audio streams from the old list...)

Ron Thigpen <keihin (AT) null (DOT) net> wrote on Fri, 07 Nov 2003:
> If a standard 802.11b network could support one or two of these streams
> (at CD quality audio) then this would seem to be a reasonable way to add
> support for other formats w/o having to implement h/w encoding for more
> types or going to a general purpose processor design.

CD quality audio is stereo (2-channel) 16 bit samples at 44100 hertz
sample rate, so 44100 * 16 * 2 = 1411200 bits/second (about 1.4 Mbit/sec).
Typical WLAN speed is 11Mbit/sec, so in theory you can fit 7 CD-quality
raw audio streams in that. However in practice you can't really get that
much, there's overhead from the data transfer protocol used, and in any
case the theoretical maximum is usually quite theoretical (which is the
more important limiting factor). Still, at least one and maybe even two
streams should be possible, if the connection is good.

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