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    Wireless network fails after half hour playing FLACs

    Hi, I have just started trying to use FLAC files as I think this is the best option for ripping my CD collection at Hi Fi quality. However I have hit a problem. To be fair I think the problem is with my wireless router (a Belkin F5D6230-3), not my SB3, but I thought that everyone on this forum is so helpful this would be a good starting point!

    Basically, when I play MP3s, the system works fine, have played for a 3+ hours with no problem.

    However, now I started using FLACs, after about half an hour or so of playing, the connection to the SB3 is dropped as my router fails (the router totally hangs - the internet connection fails too). A simple power cycle of the router gets everything up and running again, but obviously this is a major pain!

    I am guessing this is something to do with the large FLAC file size, and that once the router has streamed over a certain amount of data it is failing - that would explain why MP3s will play for a long time but FLACs always hang the network quite soon.

    I have looked at a few forums and tried changing the wireless network channel - it was originally on ch11, I have now tried ch1 and ch6 as I understand these are "non-overlapping" (or something similar!) and the best to try, but this has not made any difference.

    For information I am using 64 bit WEP encryption.

    Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this and suggestions as to what I should try next?

    Maybe this is a better question for a wireless networking forum - can anyone point me at a good one?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this!!

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    This same sort of thing happened to me when attempting to use the Zyxel P-330W as my wireless router. I was actually using 3 of them--2 as wireless Ethernet bridges (for a couple of wired-only SB2s and some other devices) and 1 as a wireless router. The ones that I used as bridges worked flawlessly, but the wireless router would reboot every time I tried to stream music to the SB2 that was more than about 192kbps (including, of course, FLACs). I was sure that the router was rebooting, too--I checked the logs on the unit to confirm.

    I concluded that the P-330W was unstable under load as a wireless router, so I replaced it with a Linksys WRT54G v5, which has worked great. Since making that change a couple months ago, I haven't had a single wireless network instability with the WRT54G or either of the P-330W units.

    So...you're probably right. This is more of a wireless network under load issue. Your Belkin unit likely isn't stable (for whatever reason) when under significant load. Good luck resolving it--I decided to throw money at the problem to make it go away.


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    Thanks for the thoughts. I admit I have been thinking the same myself. I would like to fix the Belkin though!!

    Another general question then - can I have some opinions on what is the best wireless router to go for? I know this is a very general question but I don't want to get something too cheap and end up having the same problem!! I guess I would probably with DSL modem built in for ease of setup - I have an old D Link ethernet modem which does work fine, but guess it is better to have it all in one box these days?

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    I've had problems with two wireless "all in one boxes":

    The LINKSYS WAG354G would not complete VPN negotiation using AT&T Global Network Client to my place of work. Never tried it with SB3.

    My current NETGEAR 108 Mbps RangeMax ADSL Modem Wireless Router odel DG834PN will not connect via WPA-PSK to the SB3.

    WEP-128 appears to work, but I've only just got my SB3 and I haven't really used it.

    A colleague is successfully running SB3, using WPA-PSK, via a NETGEAR WGT634U - 108 Mbps Wireless Storage Router.

    Goldnet responded to my post "I've had the same problems - see my thread "Recommended UK wireless ADSL routers?"

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, will check that thread out...

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    Ben Sandee

    Re: Wireless network fails after half hour playing FLACs

    On 3/7/06, mwoodroof <
    mwoodroof.24bel01141760702 (AT) no-m...limdevices.com> wrote:
    > Thanks for the thoughts. I admit I have been thinking the same myself. I
    > would like to fix the Belkin though!!

    If you haven't done so already, you should at least try the newest SB2/3
    firmware 35 to see if maybe a fix went in to the SB that just happens to
    address the router problems for you. I've seen stranger things. As far as
    I'm concerned, there's no excuse for a router crashing and the fault by
    definition lies with the router vendor. However, it could be something that
    the SB2/3 is doing (beyond simple load) that is triggering the failure so
    it's worth a shot (again, it's still wouldn't be the SB's fault...).


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    I would also upgrade the router to the latest firmware to make sure you're taking advantage of any bug fixes.

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    Thanks for the ideas guys.

    Ben Sandee - When you suggest upgrading to the latest SB firmware, can you clarify that? When I got my SB3 and set it up, it did an auto upgrade, and reports using firmware version 28. Surely this is the latest version? You mention version 35 - is that a pre-release or something? If so, how do I get it?

    To be honest, not sure I want to go to pre release software though really - I want a stable system!!

    cjhabs - regards the router firmware, I have recently upgraded that to the latest version, and clearly that has not solved the problem. Thanks for the idea though!

    To anyone else reading this - any other ideas on what might be making my router do this, much appreciated...

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    If you install the latest nightly release of slimserver, the SB will upgrade the firmware to v35. You can go for 6.2.2, which is a maintenance release, rather than going for the 6.5 beta. If it doesn't work out you can rollback your slimserver to the current version, and I'm pretty sure the firmware will rollback as well.

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    Aaahh, I see. Thanks for explaining that. Might give it a go if I can summon the courage.

    This digital music malarkey certainly isn't straightforward, is it?!!

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