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Thread: Debussy La Mer

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    I've always liked the Reiner/Chicago SO on RCA "Living Stereo" series (1960). It's now often packaged with Respighi's "Pines" & "Fountains" both also outstanding.

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    I quite like the Michael Tilson Thomas recording with the Philharmonia Orchestra from 1982. It was released on CBS Masterworks but I think it's only available from Sony as part of a Debussy "Greatest Hits" collection now. I don't know if anyone else thinks of this as a particularly good recording. It doesn't make ArkivMusic's "recommended" list. Then again, I'm not sure what stock to place in their recommendations these days. They list 47 "recommended" recordings of La Mer: http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/...&album_group=5

    If you're looking for some potentially unfamiliar Debussy, but still in this vein, you might consider Marius Constant's arrangement of orchestral bits from PellÚas et MÚlisande. It hangs together very nicely as a piece and there is an interesting recording with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra led by Serge Baudo.

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    Rattle/Berlin PO (EMI 558045-2) gets great reviews...

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    I'll just list my favorites:

    1. Pierre Boulez / Cleveland Orchestra, 1993
    2. Pierre Boulez / New Philharmonia Orchestra, 1974
    3. Solti / Chicago Symphony Orchestra, ?
    4. probably that Tilson Thomas, though it's a bit "swelly".

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