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    Transcoding SHN to FLAC

    Hi, I'm looking for some Help. I would like to find out the easiest way to transcode several hundred Dead concerts (SHN files from the music archive) into FLAC. My end goal, is to have a directory of FLAC files I can browse via the SB "browse file folder" or perhaps browse artist etc.. I am hoping to rename the tag, with the concert date appearing as the album name and or directory name, with the files showing up as actuall file names. Any help or pitfalls to avoid would be "gratefully" appreciated. I hate doing things twice.


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    I'm in the same boat: gigs and gigs of Dead .shns taunting my squeezeox and me. Alas, there really isn't an easy way to mass re-encode all those dank SHNuggets.

    First and foremost, head on over to etree.org, download and install shntool:

    Check out both the etree tutorial (http://www.etree.org/shnutils/shntool/doc/TUTORIAL)
    and the textfiles included with it. If you're not used to the command line, it will almost certianly piss you off - but don't give up. IMO, there rally isn't a better way to reencode your .shns.

    Installing shntool on a Mac is a little more tricky (you have to install all the xcode 'nix packages and perhaps fink, set the path manually to the binaries, etc) than in Windows. In either situation, just RTNiceManual and you'll get there.

    The correct use of shntool is beyond the scope of this quick note, but basically, this is what I do with shortens I want to reencode:

    1) I check that the .shns are aligned on correct sector boundries (in case I want to trade the show at a later date, burn one [disc I mean, heh heh] for a friend, etc)by using shnlen (a subcommand of shntool).

    2) You can fix any problematic .shn's if necessary and convert at once with a combination of the '-fix' and '-o flac' switches. Either way, I convert them and delete the shortens (to save space) once the shntool's done it's thing.

    3) I then tag the new .flac files using the excellent and free Godfather tagging utility, sadly only available for Windows:

    If your on a Mac, you're stuck with xAct:

    Or MAX:

    The way you tag will depend entirely on how you want to organize and view your shows through the Squeezebox. It's a little trickier and a lot less intuitive to do this with concerts than with albums, but there is no absolute right or wrong way. As I was a longtime etree FTP Node Operator, I stick with the etree trading format conventions (http://wiki.etree.org/index.php?page=NamingStandards),
    but this may not work for you.

    My suggestion is that you take a test show, play with shntool, edit it's flac tags and upload to it your Squeezebox directory to see how it looks 'in production.' You'll arrive at the format which you decide is the best for you and your setup. This is a pain in the ass, but if you just recklessly follow etree's or whoever's convention, you may well discover down the line that whatever format bugs the SH*T out of you...

    The Godfather really is the best tool for mass tagging, but it does take a little getting used to. Here's an excellent tutorial on it's usage:

    Take your time figuring out how you're going to organize the converted shows. Don't rush into a tagging scheme you'll later regret. After you've figured out how you want the shows tagged, and get your head around shntool, you'll be blasting out all that Euphonic Kindness from your s'box in no time at all...

    Don't be daunted by the sheer volume of SHNugs in front of you for conversion - take it one show at a time.

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    Not super familiar with Shorten as a format but I know that dbpoweramp supports it... and its a pretty good converter:



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    Hello to this forum! (My first post over here)
    I recently used frontah for doing a 34GB Wavpack to Flac Transcode.
    It can use the source tags and add them to the Flacs or create tags from the directory structure used.
    It worked flawlessly here with just dropping the complete wavpack folder into it and pushing the Flac button.

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    There's also a shorten plugin for foobar2000 which is another excellent converter (and free to boot).

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    DBpowerAmp Music Converter will do it in one sweep. Install the program, and the SHN and FLAC add-ons. Then just do a Windows "search for Files and Folders", let it find all the *.shn files on your system, then select the whole list (CTRL-A), right-click, select "Convert To" select FLAC, select "same folder as original" (or pick a new location), "Preserve ID tags", "delete source after conversion", then start it and walk away.

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    Foobar 2000 to the rescue!

    I believe the simplest/easiest to implement solution is an audio player (and much more) called foobar 2000. Check out this wonderful guide on SHN->FLAC conversion using foobar at the Trader's Den:


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