Ted Rathkopf wrote:
> Even though I'm filtering on the address (in fact, I'm filtering on MY
> address, since it's unique for this list), I like having a subject
> tag. I also vote for changing it. I like my tags to be more
> specific. If you're on more than one developer list, "Developers"
> might not be unique. I really hope the tag for the users list isn't
> just "Users." I'm the user of many things.

If the tag is kept, I agree that "Developers" isn't specific enough. It's
also too long compared to the amount of information it conveys. I thought
the old tag was perfect.

But I'm also in the camp mildly preferring no subject tag at all.
Filtering is better done on To/Cc lines (who BCCs to a list like this?)

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