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    ok, this means: to get the slim server in the ts-101 I have to purchase it from "Progressive Consumer Electronics Ltd" or I have to integrate it my self.

    Then, where to purchase the ts-101 with integrated slim server?
    or, where to get information how to install the slim server in ts-101?


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    It must be possible to add Slimserver to the TS-101 yourself, as Multi Task Computing are selling the bare device without a hard drive. As for the details on how to do that... no idea

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    Well, I've had my TS-101 for two days now so I thought I'd give an update on how I'm doing with it. In short, not very well so far.

    Physically, it seems an attractive, robust, well engineered piece of kit. It's heavier than I expected but feels solid and looks pretty good.

    I've had it hooked up via ethernet directly to my PC and by wireless network (wired connection to my wireless router/modem, communicating wirelessly to the PC). With both set-ups, I can see the directories on the Qnap HD, I can work with Slimserver via the web interface and my SB2 can see the TS-101 and recognises it as a Slimserver server.

    The downside is that every attempt to copy my music library to the Qnap has failed after a few minutes with this error: " Error copying file or folder. Cannot copy [filename]. The specified network name is no longer available." This requires a reboot of PC and Qnap to recover networking ability at which point it can be seen that some files have transferred before the error.

    I've tried to copy files by Ethernet and by wireless connection (even with the NIC disabled) which I think rules out a NIC problem on my PC. Just in case, I updated my NIC driver but that made no odds. I've also tried the following, again with no success:

    Reinstalled TCP/IP.
    Repaired winsock.
    Switched off anti-virus software.
    Updated NIC driver.
    Repaired network connections.
    Used different network cables.
    Rebooted Qnap (several times).
    Tried various networking settings in desperation.

    Has anyone got a Qnap working properly yet? Has anyone seen similar problems to me? Has anyone any suggestions?

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    Got my TS-101 on Friday. Cannot get it working.

    Connected through Devolo power plugs. The Squeezebox works really well when connected to the Slimserver on my PC. Copied all the files across to the TS-101. Rescanned them as instructed. The Squeezebox can see all the music(albums, artists, tracks etc) but hangs as soon as I try to play one. It then seems to lock up the TS-101 requiring a re-boot. Really not sure what I have done wrong or how to remedy.

    Any help really appreciated.

    Also my laptop cannot see the TS-101 through the QNAP installation utility but can see everything(files etc) through 'My Computer'. On an ethernet connection the utility can see the TS-101. Not sure what that is about either.

    Fifer, did you get the extra e-mailed instructions? Did you map the network drive with the QNAP utility first?

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    No, I didn't get any emailed instruction. I mapped the drives when I was connected by wireless, but not again since I connected by ethernet (different address). I'll try that, thanks.

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    Sorry this is so long. But this is the extra page that should have gone to everybody (as I understand it). Not sure if it will tell you anything new. I assume you remapped the drive with the QNAP utility rather than Windows? Although not sure that it makes any difference, I couldn't actually map mine through Windows at all.

    Qnap TS-101 with embedded SlimServer
    Thank you for purchasing the Qnap TS-101 with embedded SlimServer. We hope that this product will
    enable you to enjoy your music to the full – without having to leave your computer switched on!
    The Qnap TS-101 comes pre-installed with the latest version of Slim Devices SlimServer already setup
    and configured to run. When you first switch on the device, it will need time to boot up and start the
    SlimServer software. Usually this takes around 3-5 minutes. When the Qnap TS-101 has finished its startup
    sequence you will be able to go to http://slimserver-01:9000 and get access to the SlimServer web
    based front-end. Here you will be able to configure SlimServer in the usual way.
    The Music Folder
    Within the Public share that has already been created on the Qnap TS-101 you will find two folders; the
    music folder and the updates folder. The music folder is there to contain all of your music files. When you
    tell SlimServer to rescan your music folder this is where it will look.
    Using the included Qnap utility, assign a drive letter to the Public share. When you have done this,
    navigate to the music folder in the Public share and drag your music files from your computer to here. We
    recommend that you create ABC, DEF, GHI etc folders to make it easier for you to find your music when
    you use the “Browse Music Folder” function built in to the Squeezebox menu. Regardless of how you put
    your music files on the Qnap TS-101, SlimServer will be able to find your music files as long as they are
    in the music folder on the Public share.
    When you have copied over all of your music files to the Qnap TS-101, use your web browser to go to
    http://slimserver-01:9000 to enter the SlimServer web based front-end. When you are on this page select
    the “Server Settings” option and scroll down the page until you see the “Rescan Music Library” section
    and click on the “Rescan” button. SlimServer will now scan your music directory for the first time and
    build a database of all of your music files. When you run this function for the first time depending on how
    many music files you have on the Qnap TS-101 with embedded SlimServer it will take a long time. We
    suggest that you run your first music folder scan over night.
    Ever time you copy over new music files from your computer to the Qnap, you will need to rescan your
    music collection. SlimServer can be set to scan the whole directory or just look for new music. Scanning
    for new music of course is a lot quicker.
    We do not recommend using any Squeezebox on your network whilst SlimServer is scanning your music
    The Update Folder
    Besides the music folder, within the Public share there is also the update folder. From time to time Slim
    Devices will issue updates to the SlimServer software. You will be able to download these updates in a
    special format for your Qnap TS-101 with embedded SlimServer from
    http://www.progressiveav.com/qnap. Once downloaded you simply place the file in the updates folder and
    reboot your Qnap TS-101 with embedded SlimServer. As the Qnap TS-101 with embedded SlimServer
    reboots the new version will automatically install and when the installation procedure has finished your
    Qnap TS-101 will be updated to the latest version of SlimServer.
    DO NOT download the standard Linux version of SlimServer from the Slim Devices website as this
    file will not work with the Qnap TS-101.
    Udimore Road
    Broad Oak Brede
    East Sussex
    TN31 6BU
    Tel: 0871 250 5619
    eFAX: 0870 458 1835
    Included with your Qnap TS-101 is the AlienBBC plug-in for SlimServer.
    The AlienBBC plug-in allows you to listen to BBC radio stations and programs that are available from the
    BBC website. Everything is already setup for you, so you can just select the BBC programs that you want
    to listen to by selecting them from the Internet Radio section on your Squeezebox.
    Whilst the included implementation of AlienBBC works well, we recommend that only one Squeezebox
    on your network at a time uses the AlienBBC plug-in to listen to the BBC programs that are available. The
    reason for this is whilst the Qnap TS-101 is quite a powerful computer, the AlienBBC plug-in takes a lot of
    processing power to operate and will degrade the performance of SlimServer. Listening using to more than
    one BBC stream using AlienBBC will have a negative effect on other Squeezeboxes on the network that
    are attached to SlimServer running on the Qnap TS-101.
    Questions and Answers
    • Q. Are there any limitations when using the Qnap TS-101 compared to running SlimServer on my
    A. Generally no. You have a full and complete version of SlimServer running on your Qnap TS-101
    with embedded SlimServer. We have tested this device with over 10,000 music files on the hard disc
    and we have had over 6 Squeezeboxes of varying versions either playing different music files or all
    synchronised together playing the same music file without any adverse effects to the general user
    • Q. Can I install other plug-ins that are available for SlimServer?
    A. No. Any plug-ins that are available for SlimServer must be in a version that is compatible with the
    Qnap TS-101. If you have any plug-ins that you would like to see available for the Qnap TS-101, then
    please email qnaprequests@progressiveav.com and we will endeavour to make the plug-in available
    as soon as possible. When available, you will simply drop the plug-in into the updates folder in the
    Public share and reboot.
    • Q. The Qnap TS-101 runs a version of Linux, is it available for us to run other applications on?
    A. No. We have worked with Qnap to get SlimServer running on the Qnap TS-101 and they have
    decided that they want the Qnap TS-101 to be a closed system.
    • Q. I have deleted the music and update folders in my Public share – what should I do?
    A. Simply re-create the folders using your computer. Make sure that the folder names are created in
    lower case as the Qnap TS-101 runs Linux and is case sensitive.
    • Q. How long will SlimServer updates take to become available once Slim Devices issues an update?
    A. We will endeavour to get new SlimServer updates made available for the Qnap TS-101 within 1
    week of release by Slim Devices. We need time to test and make sure everything is working well
    before we release an update.
    • Q. How long will you support updates to SlimServer on my Qnap TS-101?
    A. We will keep issuing updates to SlimServer for as long as the Qnap TS-101 hardware can run the
    SlimServer software without affecting the overall user experience.
    • Q. What happens if my hard disc crashes and my Qnap TS-101 won’t restart?
    A.You will need to return your Qnap TS-101 to us for re-configuration. If your unit is still within
    warranty then we will re-configure your unit and return it to you free of charge.
    NOTE: We will endeavour to retain data stored on your unit but this will not always be possible.
    If you have any further questions, queries or suggestions please email them to
    qnapinfo@progressiveav.com or contact support on 0871 871 9747

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    Thanks for that. I'm just about to remap the drive (I had to clear 6 inches of snow from the drive first ).

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    I mapped the drive. I started the copy. It crashed after 3 minutes.

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    I seem to have the same problem as everyone else! Mapped the drive ok, but after copying a few of my music files across the whole thing locks up with the " Error copying file or "folder. Cannot copy [filename]" message. Any explorer window that formally had the Qnap folder/mapped drives in them are shown as "not responding" and after while get a message to the effect of "drive not found". The HDD light on the Qnap is continuously on and the device cannot be switched off with the power button. The only way out is to pull the power socket out and reboot everything.

    At this point I guess there is no point in continuing, since it could take weeks to transfer my 120GB of music at this rate.

    I can't comment on whether it works with the squeezebox because the display failed and I presume (hope) a replacement is on it's way.

    I'm guessing that there is a serious problem here and there probably isn't anyone who has one working correctly yet. Please tell me I'm wrong...

    This clearly isn't my month...

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    happyfishman, you have described my experience exactly.

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