Hi all,

Does anybody know what is the earliest version of slimserver which will work on the SB3?

I used to have an SB1, and version 5.x (5.4.1?) worked very reliably. The service (on Linux) would run happily for weeks on end.

I've never had much luck with 6.0/6.1/6.2.1 (or later - I'm on nightly builds at the moment). But I could live with it, just having to issue "service slimserver restart" every couple of days.

Now that I have the SB3, with its inherent wireless issues, it's a nightmare. I've just spent 20 minutes getting the thing to connect to my wireless LAN again, after the slimserver software failed again.

(It never fails as such, e.g. the service is still running, but the hardware cannot connect to the service and the http://ipaddress:9000 requests just freeze). I've just issued two "service slimserver restart" messages and now it's responding again, which then enables me to connect the ahrdware.

So my question: can I use 5.4.1 with my SB3 and still retain fucntionality? I only play MP3 files and listen to shoutcast, I don't (and won't) use the squeezenetwork stuff as my server runs 24x7 so I have no need.

Any advice? Will 5.4.1 do what I need?

many thanks!