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    Announce: Java-based server, SlightServer 0.2

    Version 0.21 of SlightServer available here:


    (Was originally sendmefile.com - complaints about the downloads are about sendmefile.com, not batcave.net)

    From the README:

    THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. Especially due to the fact that I have included Windows binaries of flac and metaflac from the "FLAC frontend" project, and vorbiscomment from the website "rarewares.org". Consider these binaries to be untrusted and act accordingly.

    Please send any constructive feedback to clumsyoik@hotmail.co.uk.

    To set up, edit the file slightserver-0.2/config/slightserver.properties. Tell it where your music files are,
    and where you want the server to store it's own files. By default, it searches your home directory for music, and stores its files in ~/.slightserver. On Linux, make sure you have installed metaflac, flac and vorbiscomment.

    To run, cd to the directory slightserver-0.2/scripts, and run slightserver.sh [linux] or slightserver.bat [windows]. You MUST be in the scripts directory, or the classpath will be wrong.

    Connect the squeezebox2/3 (or softsqueeze) to the server as normal. When the squeezebox connects, it will initially show
    how many tracks it has scanned. If it doesn't find your tracks, fix that now.

    To change the amount of output, edit config/log4j.properties. In general, use INFO for less output, or DEBUG for more.

    SlightServer has 2 modes: the "Now Playing" screen and the browser.

    In the "Now Playing" mode, the screen shows the elapsed time, shuffle icon, volume icon, repeat icon, and track rating on the top line.
    Pushing buttons 1 to 5 will set the rating for that track. (To be used eventually for smart playlists). The second/third lines show the

    To get to the browser, press Up or Down. The menu structure is defined in config/menu.xml, so it should be reasonably easy to define
    menus based on composer, artist or whatever. Currently, it has "random tracks" and "album (sorted by artist)" in it.

    Known bugs:
    * Poor error handling. Be prepared to restart the server and/or the squeezebox
    * Sometimes, the squeezebox gets in a state where it won't play any more music (it displays "initializing"). I don't understand the slim protocol well enough to unbork it
    * Files that are transcoded from .ogg to .flac never get deleted. This will fill up your hard drive eventually
    * Should cancel a transcode when skipping tracks - skipping 10 tracks in quick succession will result in 10 transcodes all running to completion, and bogging down the server
    * Some files are not scanned properly and end up with empty tags
    * Very simple tag handling
    * No FFWD/REW support
    * No web interface
    * GIJ crashes with a NullPointerException deep in a library

    New and Noteworthy since 0.1:
    * Volume now is at the correct scale
    * Correctly handle repeated IR codes (e.g. holding down the volume button)
    * Transcoded files start faster
    * MP3 support
    * Configurable menu system
    * Random tracks are selected much more efficiently
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