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    The vote is in.

    I moved this thread to its own forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Stockman View Post
    Be careful... A "failed disk" is only one of the ways one can lose data, and probably not even the most likely one. File system corruption, program errors, hardware errors (other than the RAID drives) and even operator errors can all cause data loss which RAID won't prevent.
    Personally, of all the computer-based data I've lost in the past 20 years, the majority of it can be attributed to "human error".


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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Stockman View Post

    One thing that improves your chances of not losing data is to pay attention to what the synchronization program is doing! About a year ago, Windows decided that about half-a-dozen of my music files were part of a corrupt section on the disk, so it daleted them to fix up the disk. The next time I ran Microsoft "Synctoy", rather than copy them from the backup, it was going to make the disks match by deleting the good copy from the backup! Needless to say I manually restored them before letting Synctoy have its way with synchronization. Since then, I've been using "Allway Sync" instead, it seems to be much more robust, but I still check the "preview" after it analyzes the changes before I turn it loose to actually do the synchronization.
    I evaluated SyncToy and quit using it. There's a limit to the number of files and you get no warnings or errors when it is exceeded. AllwaySync doesn't have this limitation. SyncToy is free and AllwaySync is $20. $20 is nothing when you've lost a bunch of files because SyncToy didn't back them up.

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    >Just think of the SB display and innards in the Wave Radio and dispense with the SB box . . .<

    Yep, plus a dock for the Ipod. Oh wait, Denon have already done it (with an DLNA server)...
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    Smile My Squeezebox Classic

    Just my little audio system with my Squeezebox 3 SlimDevices

    dynamic speakers AudioLinear model DM3(french concept Dubuisson) with HP Davis
    digital subwoofers Velodyne SPL 1000R

    pre-amps AudioAnalyse PA 60 + Rotel RB 980BX
    cables: RealCable

    Panasonic DVD-RA71 with Denon AVR-3801

    turn table Thorens TD280 + Ortofon
    CD Pioneer PD-D6J - Tape Teac V9000

    headphone amps Talisman T-35HP (so good french productions) headphone Sennheiser HD 650

    The french man so happy to listen Squeezebox Classic, the best .
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    My Setup:
    - Philips Ambilight LCD TV
    - WII with Opera browser for a clearer view of the slimserver web-interface
    - KEF Kit 100
    - SB2 optical link to the KEF
    - Separate server under the stairs, containing mostly FLAC(not shown)
    - Sennheiser HD515 for private listening

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    I Robot - Alan Parsons: excellent!! Have you got the recently remastered and extended version? This comes up very shiny via SB!
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    Smile Beginning with a basic setup

    First SB seems very interesting, as you can see. It stands in the kitchen (where we spend a lot of time).
    Second setup will be a Transporter in the big system ; stay tuned !

    "To nobody, except those who will take pleasure here"
    (Franz Schubert, 01/31/1797 - 11/19/1828)

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    My squeezebox on a nearly ancient sony TA 70, the old carbon resistors were replaced for metal film ones...
    Brings down the noise levels ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by blokkadeleider View Post
    My squeezebox on a nearly ancient sony TA 70, the old carbon resistors were replaced for metal film ones...
    Brings down the noise levels ;D
    My SB3with my Sony TA-88 (the big brother of the TA70).
    Under modifications (all caps has been changed, next steps resistors and diodes in PS).
    Tŕte Ó FLAC

    2 X SB Classic
    2 X SB2
    1 X SB Boom
    1 X SB Touch
    1 X Transporter
    2 X Duet + Remote
    3 X Rpi+Picoreplayer
    2 X Chromecast
    1 X Chromecast Audio
    1 X Atoll ST100

    All devives connected via CeolBOX server aka The Musical Box
    Using OrangeSqueeze and Material Skin Plug-in to remote all my connected devices.

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