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Thread: Nokia 770 Skin

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    In 7.1 SqueezeCenter svn revision 19625, all form submission buttons should be fixed on the 770 except for Rhapsody search, which I have my doubts will ever be fixed. See bug 7706 for details.

    Former Logitech Developer: Squeezeplay/SqueezeOS/SqueezeboxController/SqueezeCenter
    Community Developer: Nokia770Skin (r.i.p.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by bklaas View Post
    You must have been crossing them pretty hard, because community member Joerg Schwieder came to the rescue with a silver bullet suggestion.

    I've added a javascript onClick handler to the submit buttons in the Nokia770 skin to force the form submit (and clear) buttons. This works like a charm, and has been tested successfully on both the 770 and the N800 (where it was never broken, and still isn't).

    When can you get the fix? Some now, some soon:

    SC 7.0 Trunk change 19608 has all the Nokia770-skin specific fixes (Radio direct Tune-In Form + Local Search).

    Submit buttons for skin-inspecific resources, which include Music Services Search (Rhapsody, Pandora, Slacker, etc.) and submitting Player/Server settings-- this will have to be a 7.1 fix, as it imposes some risk on other webUIs. I will need to do some testing and hopefully have these elements fixed in 7.1 within the next week.

    Thanks Ben & Joerg
    Great news!

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    Hi All

    I've been using the 770 skin for a while now both on my netbook and on my 770 and I love it :-)

    I've got a problem a the mo, when browsing using the 770 the home page looks and works fine but the now playing page has some issues:
    - The links across the top show up,look and work fine
    - The about, settings and power link along the bottom show up,look and work fine
    - The play, stop, start, volume etc show up, look fine but don't work
    - The track art does not show up at all
    - The track text details do not show up at all

    My 770 has the most recent 2006OS along with the latest firmware for it.

    Any ideas what's going wrong ?

    Thing only thing I can find in the forum is a reference to anti virus s/w on the server blocking images but disabling this on mine makes no difference.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok so I've got this working again, the pesky javascript had turned itself off :-(

    It's still not perfect though, the next/previous test and the rhs overlaps the progress bar and when you click the song title the resultant page formating isn't great with the pic and text overlapping, is this normal ?



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    Not sure if this skin is still being supported. However, I'm having some trouble when listening to a radio station, the controls from the status screen get slow or non-responsive. There is a constant ajax request that jams the webserver. You can see this by opening the activity window of a safari browser or checking the browser's status bar that shows a never ending list of completed items (check the attached images).

    This whole situation does not occur when listening to a local audio file, just when listening streamed internet radio stations.

    Any ideas?

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    Musicip and trackstat

    I searched the forum but could not find if the skin support musicip or trackstat - where are the buttons and menus for these plugins? Could you add them yourself?


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