There's a small issue with the language used for the "date/time" screensaver on my SqueezeBox: it's in English, while I would prefer German.

The Server is running on a Kubuntu (Breezy) Linux which is a Debian derivate.
The locales settings are:

Every application running on this system (SSH/Samba) seems to take this setting into account, also slimserver seems to "see" it. On the server settings main page it's says:

SlimServer Version: 6.2.2 - trunk - Debian - DE - iso-8859-1

I also set the language settings in the Slimserver settings to German. Now about everything including the Squeezebox's menus are in German ... still the language for the dat/time screensaver is English.

The most disturbing thing however is that if I restart slimserver manually, the date/time screensaver changes to German.

I began to wonder if the locales were not correctly set at the time slimserver was first started and shifted it from "S20" to "S99" in the runlevel directory. Unfortunately, this didn't help.

I'm perplexed what makes the restart different from the first start considering locales or whatever and how I could fix this...

Any suggestions?