Don't know if this might be useful to others - but interested to find out.

I keep two copies of my music - a lossless version for SlimServer - and a lossy one for my iPod. I use iTunes and MusicMagic as well as SlimServer to manage this library.

I only want to use the lossless files (and a small number of downloaded lossy files) in SlimServer - and by keeping things in sensible directories this works well.

I keep both formats in iTunes and MusicMagic and use filters and smart playlists to make sure I'm getting the files I want depending on what I want to do (ie iTunes - only put lossy files on the iPod - MusicMagic - only mix lossless files for the SlimServer). I use the iTunesUpdate plug-in plus some scripts to keep the iTunes last played details in sync across file types.

Only issue is that if I let SlimServer talk to iTunes or MusicMagic it adds all the lossy files to the SlimServer database and I end up with duplicated lossy versions of all the lossless music - which messes up the SB interface (and makes it hard to play the right files).

So I'd be interested in a 'don't add extra files' setting for the iTunes and MusicMagic plugins - which would gather the extra info for the tracks SlimServer already had - but didn't add new files. The new files would only be added by scanning the directories I specify. Is this of interest to anyone else?

- Greg