I have a Netgear WGT624 V2 wireless router updated with the latest release firmware (4.2.10).

There are several other devices/computers on the network with network interfaces made by various manufacturers. Each is able to connect to the router when set to "auto" mode EXCEPT THE SB3.

I spent a full day isolating every computer and trying various settings. The result?

11g connects at 11g
11b connects at 11b
108 connects at 108
EXCEPT the SB3, which simply cannot establish a connection whent the router is set to auto.

The temporary solution is to set the router to 11g/11b instead of auto, but this completely disallows 108 users taking advantage of their hardware when the Squeezebox is not on.

I do not see this as a "proprietary standards" issue because all other vendor NICs are able to make conntections in auto mode at 11b or 11g.

Any ideas out there?

Also, has anyone had any success using the SB3 with EONSTREAMS? If so, how was success achieved?