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    Founder, Slim Devices seanadams's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Digest mode, moving slimp3-users

    The digest mode setting did not get imported correctly for this list -
    sorry about that. If you were previously set up for digest mode, you'll
    need to set it manually.

    The plan is to move slimp3-users over ASAP, but since it's a larger and
    busier list, we want to make sure everything is stable here first. I
    think the performance issues are fixed now. If anyone finds any
    problems at all with lists.slimdevices.com, please let me know right
    away! Also, feel free to post whatever you like for the next day or
    two, just to make sure it's working.

    Archives will be imported after both Yahoo lists have been moved and
    closed down.


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    Robert Moser II

    Re: Nigerian Penis Enhancement

    Well, you did say to post whatever ;-)

    Is there any way to auto-trim the


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